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From: Tchase Mcphee
Subject: FoR ThE MaN WHo HaS EVeRyTHiNG 04The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any
resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely
coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons,
of continents or islands, in countries, counties, cities, towns, villages,
neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental
areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male
relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if non preteen art
sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not
read this story. Additionally, naked preteen rules if you are under 18 years of age, in most
states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check
with your local laws regarding such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use
protection.FoR ThE MaN WHo HaS EVeRyTHiNG 04
WriTten by T. Chase McPhee%It was `now or never', Jason's thoughts ran through his mind and because
Jason was drunk with emotion, his boiling nads won out, placing an arm over
Michael's bicep, biting his lip in anticipation of the preteen cunny boobs palm of his hand
touching his first taste of chest fur."Oo-hh," Jason sighed, like the opposite was true, a guy touching his hairy
chest, with the beginnings of running those fingers through each hairy
fiber.Once he had touched fur, Jason lost resistance, his hand feeling the curves
of Michael's tight pecs, the tiny nubs affixed to each.With fingertips his vehicle, he slid down the thin trail line, till his
pinky `fell in'! So driven, he didn't stop there. With talk of `bellyholes'
and `navels', he had an insatiable desire to find out how deep Michael's
`bellyhole', sensing comedic reaction, but doesn't let his humor linger,
his index finger in a poking position. Not even thinking about it now, he
slides his digit in.Again, as with his palm touching man-hair for the first time, he sighs,
"Oo-ohh," like a sensual hand touched him!Then he went crazy and it wasn't only towards the front of Michael's bod,
Jason's finger skating around the lip of Michael's bellyhole, but the
sensation Jason was feeling in his crotch.His hand slipped down Michael's bod further and he giggled, feeling coffee
grinds!It caused a pause, Jason hesitating. He had a strong desire to move his
hand under the elastic of Michael's boxer briefs, but wasn't sure if this
were `permissible.' With rash decision, he thinks it best to `ask.'"Michael?" He shakes Michael's shoulder back and forth as if it were `the
big one.'"Wha-a-a...." Michael more groaned out the words.He was not very successful, less successful at keeping Michael situated on
his side.Michael, wanting to apparently gain more comfort, had fallen over preteenz fuck on his
stomach.To keep Michael's bod from dropping over the edge of the bed, Jason was
dragged on top of him.This was not good for the fact Jason completely lost balance, falling
beyond Michael's stretched out physique. One satisfaction, he quickly
thought about, the front of his bod was pressed against that hot back he
had admired back at the office.A split second later, Jason's back was flat against the carpeting, Michael
lying on top of him!"What happened?" Michael seemed to jettison awake. He felt the floor to his
sides, realizing his back wasn't touching it!Talking gibberish, because the back of Michael's head was `suffocating'
Jason's face, he says, "You're on top of me, Michael!"Recognizing the voice, Michael does a fast flip over, his knees integrated
with Jason's preteenz fuck thighs, hands to the carpet, looking him in the face, "Is that
you?"Forget the past few minutes, his cock pressed against Michael's ass-line,
roaming hands, bellyhole exploration and feeling up coffee grinds, Jason
saying, "You were too drunk to take your clothes off, so I did it for
you. Is that okay?"The room was dimly lit, only by the next pussy preteens
door neighbor's lights on in preteen slut toplist their
house, illuminated through the miniblinds. On the floor, it shone like tiny
stage lights. Still, Michael, preteen poop xxx startled awake, suddenly realizes he's on all
fours and hovering over Jason, "You're naked?""Almost. I left our briefs on. I always sleep with my briefs on. You?"It didn't take long for Michael's horny psyche to kick in. He knew if he
got any harder, chances are his cock could fall out of the divide in his
briefs, used to take a piss. However, the slender lights through the blinds
show him enough, bridged over a beautiful mass of bod hair and even in the
dark, could make out the luscious, pink pec spots.In a sexy manner, Michael replies, "Looks like we'll have to do something
about that!"Jason hadn't a clue. Even though he was twenty-nine, he hadn't had an
affair with a man, other than jerking off in front of the computer, or solo
with thoughts of some hot, steamy affair dancing in his head."Oh my god!""What?" Michael says with concern, pressing up onto his knees which he had
just relaxed. "What'd I do?""Nothing," Jason confesses. "It's just... It's the first time I ever felt a
man's cock that close to my preteen modling own cock!"Michael smiles, which he doesn't think whether Jason can view it or not,
but says of Jason's predicament, "You poor thing!" To throw some humor into
it, possibly the lingering shots having something to do with it, "I was
wondering something?""What?" Jason asks, his full attention on Michael."Would it be alright if I tongued you all the way from your neck down to
your crotch," casually, "including your cock and balls and then flipped you
over and ran my tongue along your asscrack?"It was `a lot' for Jason to think about, but after the head to head crash
of their cocks, it was enough stimulation to want more contact, "Sure."Michael adds, "In the bed?"They both stood."Sit," Michael tells Jason, patting a place on the side of the bed.Jason had seen Michael strip his shirt, but the thumbs Michael placed in
the preteenz fuck
sides of his briefs, told him there was much, much more to come."Ready? Get set! Go!" He knew he was being a big tease, but in the dark he
could make out the whites of Jason's eyes, which made him produce a
saliva-laden giggle."That's big, Michael!"Rather than dwell on himself, he shucks the briefs, along with most of the
coffee grinds, and without further ado, falls to his knees, saying, "Now
you?""I can do it!" Jason, by now high wired, jumping to his feet."I'll do it," Michael calmly replies, shooing Jason's thumbs away from
hips.By the time Michael had unveiled Jason's goods, there was `much' to view."Mm-mm," Michael says with incomplete certainty, a facet of going at sex in
the dark. His question was in his mind, the answer produced vocally, "Only
one way to find out?""What?" Jason asks.His only reply was Michael lifting his cock and placing it on his palate."Oh my god!"Michael tried talking with Jason's cock holding his tongue still,
"Something wrong?" It came out funny."You're going to give me a blowjob?"Figuring this was going to be an on and off conversation, if he didn't get
busy, Michael's answer is sliding Jason's cock in his mouth, pursing his
lips and using the guy's balls for the momentum to slide his lips to the
flange under the head, then force it back to his throat, till his nose
could get tickled by pubic hair.He should've cleared his history though!Jason, having remembered some of the porn scenes, grabs the back of
Michael's head and brings it forwards, till his cock-head feels the
entrance to non preteen art Michael's throat!It starts Michael to coughing."Oh my god! Did I choke you?"Figuring it might leave a negative-lasting impression on Jason's first man
to man sex experience, Michael replies, "No! No damage done. Just not used
to it.""Really? You're not hurt?""Nah," Michael says, making excuse, "it's tough in the dark to get a fix on
the size of a man's cock without preteen samples movies radar?"With seriousness, Jason replies, "Whew! I thought maybe I choked you or
something."To make Jason more relaxed, Michael instructs him to lay down on the bed.In doing so, Jason spots the lighted alarm clock, "It's after midnight. I
don't think we're going to have time."Time wasn't letting Michael stand still, as he crawls on the bed.Of course, the dimly lit room didn't stifle Jason's emotions and because
they were `officially' having sex, he didn't see it informal to comment,
"Wow! You've got big balls!""Do I?" Michael asks, looking down the tunnel of his bod as he hovers over."Do you think I can taste them?"Michael's mouth was watering for Jason's balls, but not wishing to have
Jason `fail' at his first man to man session, he replies, "Sure. How do you
want them?""I don't know."`This guy is really green', Michael provided some humor for
himself. However, thinking about it, he probably made some real zingers at
his own first man to man sexcapade, like getting the coach's zipper stuck
when he was pulling it down?"How about I shift around like this," he carefully moves about so his face
is over Jason's pubes, his cock and balls dangling over Jason's face, "so
my balls are more accessible to you and if I preteen feet sites want to, I can go right ahead
and `re-start' your ignition!"He laughs, but doubted Jason was, probably more overwhelmed at looking at
two big globes in the dark. However, he pay no preteen dream bbs
mind to anything Jason
wanted to nude preteen search do to him, allowing the novice to touch cock, balls, run his
fingers through pubic hair, till Jason was feeling the bridge from pubes to
navel. It was all good and Michael wasn't perturbed by any of it, as long
as he had a fulfilling meal in preteen short shorts
front of his own face!%Copyright 2011 T. Chase McPhee`FoR ThE MaN WHo HaS EVeRyTHiNG' may not be sold, nor made part of any
collection, without prior consent from the author.
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